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Sheer indulgence in every sip comes only with the rich creamy thickness of Olper's. Give your day a fresh start with Olper's!

Olpers Lite

Embrace the lighter side of milk and feel years lighter with our low-fat milk Olper's lite, for a guilt-free existence!

Olpers Zafran

Savor the flavor of tradition and enjoy the rich, aromatic flavors of badam, zafran and rose in every sip of milk with Olpers' flavored milk!

Olpers Cream

Enhance the culinary experience with Olper's Cream - a rich celebration of life at its creamy best.


Experience sheer bliss in a tea-cup with Tarang, our special tea creamer for that perfect cup of tea.


Get nutrition and the best value for money with omung dobala.

Dairy Omang

Rise up to a better life with our all purpose dairy brand Omung available at the ultimate price and in the best quality.


A dash of Tarrka in your favorite cuisine is all it takes to bring out the flavor of your food and leave you craving for more.

Experience the blessings of Fresh Dairy with Mabrook, providing balai bhar doodh and koonda dahi fresh on a daily basis to satisfy the daily dairy consumption requirements of the family in the most hygienic way. Available at Mabrook outlets across Karachi.


Olnosh brings you fresh and quality meat from the finest source, sold locally at ambient temperatures and chilled for International markets.


Olnosh's Halal meat is frozen to perfection (blast frozen at -25 degree Celsius) to preserve the tenderness of your cuts and ensure superior taste.


The varied range of ready to cook/ready to eat products will tantalize your taste-buds. Olnosh is prepared from the finest ingredients to give you unbeatable taste and quality every time.


The simple joy of dessert!


Explore the variety of Omore sticks; you are sure to find one that suits you perfectly!


The irresistible pleasure of delicious biscuit and creamy dessert! Omore cones are a treat for all.

family packs

For those who love to share happy moments and dessert!