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Full of Nutrition to ensure that your children have the fuel that helps them realize their full potential.

Embrace the lighter side of milk by choosing Olper’s Lite: our low fat milk offering with all the essential nutrients except for the extra calories.

Enhance the culinary experience with Olper's Cream - a rich celebration of life at its creamy best.

A dash of Tarrka in your favorite cuisine is all it takes to bring out the flavor of your food and leave you craving for more.

Tarang with its new and unparalleled taste makes the perfect cup of tea with vibrant color and irresistible aroma.

Get nutrition and the best value for money with omung dobala.

Dairy Omung

Dairy Omung is great for drinking, tea creaming, & desert-making and thus provides great value for money.


The simple joy of dessert!


Explore the variety of Omore sticks; you are sure to find one that suits you perfectly!


The irresistible pleasure of delicious biscuit and creamy dessert! Omore cones are a treat for all.

family packs

For those who love to share happy moments and dessert!