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Colors of Deosai: A Wonderland of Pakistan


Engro Foods is on a quest to build a softer image of Pakistan by highlighting the true identity of Pakistan to the world. The “Colours of Pakistan” campaign is a rainbowy endeavor to introduce the long forsaken topography of Pakistan. Disclosure to its second book “Colours of Deosai: A Wonderland of Pakistan” by Arif Amin and Ghulam Rasool is a remarkable achievement in this relation. In past, Engro Foods launched its first book “Birds of Pakistan” in 2016 by the same authors. The effort, not only was acclaimed for its vast information on birds of Pakistan but it highlighted the endangered species. The campaign is a loud statement that Engro Foods is indeed built from the fabric of Pakistan. This initiative is in line with two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Life on Land and Climate action.


The book is a photographic story of an endless romance between the photographers and Deosai, the second highest plateau of the world. Arif Amin convincingly encapsulates the existence of life in Deosai. He writes, “at times, Deosai is a flurry of activity, covered in green with a spattering of purple, pink, yellow, red and blue flowers, fluttering birds like Rose Finches, Gold Finches, Horned Larks and Citrine Wagtails, multicoloured butterflies and bubbling blue streams with silvery fish”.

While experiencing the melodious view of the valley, flowers in red, yellow, pink, purple and blue colours attract the birds and butterflies. They fly flower to flower in jubilation of the spring season. The jubilant creatures surely reflect their love for flowers in the spring season.

Photography is such an art that gives meaning to the struggle of a lone beauty bearing the blows of icy winds in defiance to keep the beauty of nature alive. Deosai, though endures a deafening silence but its beauty shouts out loud.

The minute details of the camera lenses even catch the distances traveled by insects in their magnificent habitat. Every picture works as tiny part of a whole story told through the lens of camera. Life during the different phases of day has been presented.

While there are pictures where shy earth made up with colourful landscape tries to embrace the blue sky, petal by petal, flowers open themselves hesitantly to glow their colours defying the icy winds to exhibit their beauty.

The landscape reflects itself as if the green canvas has been painted multicoloured so harmoniously to give an imaginative conjoining of a rainbow with the flatlands of Deosai. It is represents heaven on the earth.

The Stout, trying to camouflage behind rocks, with its brown and white skin, gets caught by the eyes of camera while in search of its prey. This glimpse, where represents the innocence of fauna of Deosai, also reminds us about it’s endangered species. The Himalayan Brown Bears are another rare species that appear in Deosai only during the winter season.

The book is a true depiction of relationship between human heart and natural beauty. Catching a moment and scene is a poetic art. The pictures simply rhyme the nature word by word in such a rhythmic way that their existence become necessary.

This sublime initiative of highlighting the positive image of Pakistan, is not the first of its kind and will never be the last. Engro Foods, through its “Colours of Pakistan” campaign, would never waste even a smallest opportunity to expose the world to the real colours of Pakistan.

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