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Birds of Pakistan

Engro Foods launched Birds of Pakistan, as a sustainability initiative to draw the attention of the world to the exquisite beauty of the varied species of birds found in Pakistan and highlight the need for preservation of their depleting natural habitats due to ecological changes. This initiative supported UN Sustainable Development Goals for protecting the life on land and the impact of climate change on planet.

Pakistan is an amazing country with diverse geography, climate and culture. This diversity is reflected in the way humans, animals and plants inhabit this beautiful country in its deserts, forests, plains, rivers, lakes and mountains. The birdlife is also very rich and diverse because of the topography and the variety of natural habitats offered to them. This book is an attempt to capture the beauty and glory of birds in their natural habitats, as well as their visiting places across Pakistan. Each photograph is a tribute to their freedom and splendor.

From the world’s biggest permanent freshwater glacier Baltoro (Gilgit-Baltistan) to the hot deserts of Thar (Sindh) and Makran Coastline (Balochistan), Pakistan is the only country in the world with the most altitudinal variation. K-2, the second highest mountain (8,611m) in the Karakorum Range, in the north of the country and more than 1,000 kilometers long coastline in the south are two extremes. This huge variation in topography within approximately 2,600 kilometers from the northern tip of the country to the southern border reflects unique flora and fauna as well as geography, cultures and people, and therefore, makes this land an aspiring and challenging place for explorers and nature lovers.

Pakistan is home to an impressive number of bird species. More than 780 species have been recorded so far. These include permanent residents that stay all year long, others that come to breed and raise their young ones, wintering birds that spend most of the winter season in Pakistan and migratory birds that pass through in spring and autumn along the Indus Basin which has been referred to as one of the world’s greatest flyways for migratory birds. The many canals, irrigation channels and lakes around the Indus Basin offer a large landscape to bird watchers and wildlife photographers. This book is an attempt to capture the diversity of birds across Pakistan. The selected bird photographs provide altitudinal as well as geographic diversity and represent all the provinces and main areas in Pakistan. The photographs have been grouped according to their families, following, to some extent, the sequence given in the “Birds of Pakistan” - Helm Field Guides. Each photograph was taken in the bird’s natural environment and carries information of the place and time of the year. The book carries a total of 121 photographs of birds, representing 93 species. The book opens with the first photograph of Chukar (Alectoris chukar), the national bird of Pakistan. It also includes photographs of three globally threatened species – Greater Spotted Eagle, Sociable Lapwing and Jerdon’s Babbler. These are among the 29 globally threatened species in Pakistan, which if remain unprotected, may not be sighted by our future generations. With a rapidly growing use of land for humans, whether for industry, agriculture, housing societies or entertainment, the natural habitats for birds are rapidly changing and disappearing. The unchecked and brutal bird hunting may also be contributing to the rapid reduction in the number of migratory birds and change in their routes of travel. We hope that this book will make people fall in love with the birds in the same way as we have and will contribute in the preservation of natural habitats and champion the right of birds to fly and sing without fear. We apologize to the birds not included in this book and hope that future publications will cover the ones missed from this book.

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