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Engro Foods is working on the retention of free grazing, continuous improvement of animal health and animal welfare, and the preservation of biodiversity. The aim is to reduce the use of scarce natural resources such as water, raw materials and fossil fuels. Engro Foods aims to keep the emission of greenhouse gases in 2020 at minimum levels. This also applies in case of an increase in milk production. This includes the greenhouse gases released at NARA dairy farms, as well as on the farms of our registered dairy farmers, during transport from NARA farm and Milk Collection Centres to production facilities and when the dairy is processed. To achieve climate-neutral growth, Engro Foods is working on creating an efficient and sustainable supply & production chain. These elements of the strategy are in line with two of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: ‘Affordable and clean energy’ (SDG 7), ‘Responsible consumption and production’ (SDG 12), working towards nationwide go green drives to reduce impact of carbon emission for Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11) , Protect the Planet (SDG 13) & improve Life on Land (SDG 15).


Climate-neutral growth

In order to realise climate-neutral growth, Engro Foods is working on several initiatives for an efficient and sustainable supply & production chain. This means sustainable dairy farms, sustainable purchasing (agricultural) basic materials and reduction of the use of energy for the production of dairy products. Engro Foods is going green by converting to sustainable energy starting with our Milk Collection Centres on to solar panels and reducing the overall impact of carbon emissions on the environment.
Animal welfare
Animal welfare and biodiversity are very important at Engro Foods. That is why we train 250,000+ dairy farmers nationwide on best dairy farmer practices. All farmers who work with us through EMAN network can raise any query or concern about the animal health and our team of veterinary experts will respond to their query and visit the animal for check up completely free of costs. Improvement of animal health, animal welfare and productivity are important aspects for Engro Foods. Our Milk Procurement and Agri Services team work round the clock to ensure our farmers get enough assistance to maintain healthy, well looked after cattle who live longer, need less medication and have a more efficient milk production. Our team of veterinary experts assist the farmers free of cost nationwide and we take the following measures in place to assist our farmers:

  • Periodic Farm Visit: visits by EFL veterinarian, the Milk Procurement & Agri Services team and the management of EFL.
  • Continuous Animal Health Monitoring includes monitoring the animal health based on available figures concerning animal health and comparison with the national average;  
  • Sustainable Dairy Chain Analysis: a full analysis of the dairy farming sector which gives an overview of the strong points and areas of improvement in the dairy farming sector (feed, water, housing, animal welfare, etc.).

In the framework of the objectives of the Sustainable Dairy Chain, Engro Foods stimulates dairy farmers to aim at better care and higher productivity of the cattle.
Pls add the tree Plantation drive picture, video and write up

One of Engro Foods core purposes revolves around building environmental sustainability. 

To commemorated the 71st Independence-Day celebrations on 14th August,2018 Engro Foods executed a nationwide "Go Green" campaign by planting 2,100 tree saplings through our employees nation-wide along with the students of Government schools, TCF school & UVAS (University of Veterinary and Animal Science). 

EFL is determined to make a positive ecological impact. With this “Go Green” initiative we have demonstrated our strong commitment for environmental sustainability to nurture a safe & healthy environment now and for generations to come. 




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